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2017 honky tonk trio Posted: Jan 7, 2017
Well, big changes have taken place over the past year. We lost Steve to depression on Dec.14, 2015.
Mark has moved on to other musical projects as of August 20, and moved on from our personal relationship.
SO, I find myself truly in charge, 'the boss', ready to explore what music holds for me now.
Bass player Kevin Tipple has been working with me since February of 2016…and violinist Elspeth Stalter-Clouse has worked the most recent few gigs.
It's feelin' good, sounds good.
Stay tuned as I get myself a little more up to speed.
New songs, new photos, new efforts.
Thanks for your support.
This life, it's hard, it's beautiful, it's worth it.
See you out there.

Steve. Posted: Dec 31, 2015
Mark & I...and the entire music community have experienced a tremendous loss.
Steven James Kasprzak, our friend, our colleague, our bass player, died on December 14th, 2015.
He struggled with depression and just couldn't cope anymore.
He played every gig, to the end.
He leaves behind countless grieving souls, stunned.
Mark and I are slowly moving forward as things unfold.
Music continues to sustain us.

If you would like to do something in Steve's memory, I have a fundraising site established for Steve's 3 teenage daughters. It is on the Kristy Larson honky tonk trio Facebook page. You can go there from this site. Any amt. will be greatly appreciated and all will go directly to his girls, towards college.
If you wish to express thoughts or condolences, you can do it here, on our FB Page...or on Steve's page.
I am so sorry. We are so grieved.

Tyranena Brewing Company, the mug club and the Packers won! Posted: Jan 8, 2013
Kristy's healing arm made it through 'New Mug Nite' at Tyranena on Jan.5, 2013...many honky tonk songs were performed.

I'm ambidextrous once again! Posted: Dec 18, 2012
...well, at least able to use two hands to play the guitar. Post-broken radius, I've made it through a couple gigs and all is well! I play as well as ever (ha!). Thanks for all expressions of concern and horror from musicians and artists in general. Rock on! Having had to cancel our fall Tyranena gig, we're looking forward to knocking Tyranena's 'New Mug Nite' outta the park, Saturday, January 5th, 2013. See you next year.

State of my arm! Posted: Nov 7, 2012
Well, I'm slowly healing from a broken wrist (9/17/12)! Casts, ex-rays, custom splints,& hand therapy! It's not the best of news for a musician, but, oh well! $&?@ happen's. See you 'out there'! Kristy

The 'Winter Tour'! Posted: Feb 23, 2012
Well, we had a wonderful time at THE LAKESIDE ST. CAFE on Feb.18...a gracious attentive crowd that applauded so it was disconcerting! Ha!

Next we'll haunt TALULA on Feb.25, come hungry, thirsty, sassy! We'll finish out Feb. with a twang!

March 3 we return to the WIL-MAR CENTER for the Annual MNA Scholarship Fundraiser CHILI DINNER for some fine eaten' and the task of honkin' and tonkin' Madison's Eastside (whose boundaries are expansive for this evening!!).

March 5 Mark and I head for Texas and play a set at the TX Steel Guitar Assoc. Annual Jamboree!

Finally, we're back at TALULA, March 24!

It's been a long year, a wonderful year, a year of great love and loss. Put your cowboy boots on and/or hitch up your jeans and come howl at the moon with us sometime soon!

Well, here's 2012! Posted: Jan 16, 2012
The Kristy Larson honky tonk trio is alive and kicking...playing our gigs here and there and enjoying it all!
We had a great time playing 'New Mug Nite' for Tyranena's Brewmaster/Owner Rob Larson and the rest of our beloved Lake Mills area gang on Jan.7 and Talula was charming and a- hoppin' on Jan. 14.

This past year we were invited to play some great local fests; The Dancer Festival in Mazo, Orton Park Fest here in Madison, a favorite neighborhood fundraiser 'The MNA Chili Dinner' ( that we'll play again in March), and the TLNA Party in July (oh, those Cork'n'Bottles!).

In October we joined forces with Bill & Bobbie Malone and Richard Wiegel and performed our collective effort 'The Back To The Country Revue with Bill Malone' at the Stoughton Opera House and a few weeks later at the Performing Arts Center in Monroe, WI. It was a challenge and a blast generating many happy customers.

Mark and Kristy went off to Dallas, TX again in 2011, but were invited to do a set in the non-pedal steel room this time! It was a bit daunting for this Wisconsin gal to play in Texas for mostly other musicians from all over the country, and Mark playing steel in front of all those steel guitar players, but we did fine!
Mark later was asked to sit in and help back up Cindy Cashdollar in her set with his fiddle! Terribly exciting... and fun to get to know Cindy a bit ( moving beyond his 'seeming like a rabid fan' status when she was here in Madison at 'Orton Park' the summer before, ha! ). Cindy was down from Austin to be inducted into the Texas Steel Guitar Association's Hall of Fame...her Mom had
flown out from New York to see that

I'm forever on the lookout for places to book that'll compliment our schedule, accommodate our fans, family and friends and work with Steve's Madison and Dubuque Symphony Orchestras' schedules.
We're looking forward to continuing gigs at TYRANENA, TALULA, THE LAKESIDE ST. CAFE (formerly The Washington Hotel Coffee Room),The Crossroads Coffee Room, and where ever a live eclectic country groove and lyric is appreciated!

Jambalaya's our new song... Posted: Jan 31, 2011
and you can listen to it now! It was the one song we could get to a finished enough state to give you a sneak peak of the new cd... and we could use it for a submission to the Mamas! (Deadline just two minutes away!!) I think I'll go add a link on that page for you... time to listen and vote! I put Jambalaya in the 'Cover Song' category, and threw myself in the 'Female Vocalist' ring! Vote! Your $5 registration fee goes to a very good cause. Big hug(thanks!).

Winter gigs a comin'! Posted: Jan 7, 2011
Well, happy new year and then it's mug nite at Tyranena Brewing Co. once again! We are brew master/owner Rob Larson's favorite for this raucous and fun event...he says I pull the names out of the fish bowl and read them just right!

Our new cd prpoject is mid-way...ready for us to hop back in the saddle...and all is swell! Keep your eye on the horizon, live deep, love well. We'll try to provide some of the soundtrack!

Good Holidays to you... Posted: Dec 21, 2010
It's Christmastime 2010....soon to be 2011! We three are home with our families holiday-in' it up.
Thanks for a wonderful year.
Many songs were sung, friends made, fun and interesting venues explored.

Our current recording work is holding it's breath for us to get our butts back in the, just keep a look out for further info. on that!

We start the new year Jan.8 at TYRANENA BREWING CO. in Lake Mills. we're playing a number of locals around Madison that are easy winter destinations...good eats, good rooms...don't let that cabin fever getcha down!
Come for a tune, a drink, a dinner..or all three! Meet some pals, celebrate somethin', or just come on out...chances are good you'll know someone there...and that'd be me. Ha!

So, here's honky tonk wishes to you,
for a
Peaceful Solstice, Merry Christmas, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Just playing and working... Posted: Feb 2, 2010
Mark just walked through the door with his new, 5-string fender-ish mutant mandolin. He added a Fender neck and machined parts to make it all fit. He threatens to play it at the next gig!
He's been happily expanding his steel guitar skills and has designed, produced and is selling a lap steel stand...he's planning to bring a few along this March when we go to 'Texas Steel Guitar Association's Jamboree, 26th year!'.
I'll be sure to bring home some photos.

Recent Quotes:

WORT's Rockin'John MacDonald:
"Hey Kristy! I played your version of 'Let The Teardrops Fall' on my Jan 23rd Program. I double played it with "I Love You Honey" by Martee Brom. She's good, but I liked your song better!
I had a blast at Talula's. The HT trio's version of "Great Balls of Fire" inspired me to play Jerry Lee Lewis original in my opening set. It wasn't on my original playlist! Take Care!"

Bobbie Malone post Talula's:
"Ya'll were some hot tonite!"

Wayne's here Thursday, We open! Posted: Oct 26, 2009
Knock on wood, I'm in good voice, Mark and Steve're ready and we're all set to open for Wayne Hancock at the Crystal Corner this Thursday... a good warmup to Halloween... ja!

Musical Tribute to Jeff Hickey... Posted: Aug 16, 2009
Madison musicians and friends'll get together August 23 at the High Noon here in Madison to raise some money for his family and pay tribute to him, say goodbye.

...summer carries on..... Posted: Jul 30, 2009
We had a wonderful gig June 30 at Unity Chapel, Spring Green with Bobbie & Bill Malone and Richard Wiegel.
Sad news of Jeff Hickey (Bill's co-host of his WORT radio show 'Back to the Country')'s car accident reached us the next day with Jeff's dying on July 14. Our heart goes out to his wife and children and musical family. We hope to participate in a benefit/memorial on August 23.
Tyranena Brewery July 11 was a hoot. The beer was cold, the mosquitoes waited politely 'til 9pm and our host and Brew-master Rob Larson (no relation) was in fine form.
July 17 in Mazo for the 'Mazomanie Music Conservancy' was a charming concert space, rich with musical cohorts and jammin'.
July 18 at Toffler's, New Glarus, took us to the opposite end of the spectrum with a honkin' tonkin' rowdy wild 3 hours of big fun.
Mark and I are attending the Sugar Maple Traditional Music Festival this weekend, 7/29&8/1. Mark's musical pal Bill Miller is there on Friday nite and deep favorite Robbie Fulks is duoing with pal Nora O'Conner and Joel Paterson will do a single. (In my teaching days, Joel was a student at the high school I taught at!)
My b'day (8/2) and a few private parties will get us through this month... hope to see you soon! Kristy

Thank You for Voting us the MAMAs Country Album and Country Performer of the Year! Posted: May 15, 2009

Wayne Hancock's comin' to town and we're opening! Posted: Apr 7, 2009
The Crystal Corner Bar is hosting 'Wayne Hancock' on Thursday, April 23rd and we're the opening act! Wayne is a fabulous songwriter and honkytonkin' music man... He's releasing his new album 'Viper of Melody on April 21 so you'll be able to get yours!
We'll take the stage around 9:30 and do a set... come meet Wayne's new bride, Gina, at the merch. table...and help us welcome Wayne back to Madison!
Wisconsin loves Texas!
(You can visit Wayne's website or catch his wedding to Gina on youtube.... we'll take you there on our links page...)

We're Nominated for MAMAs!! Posted: Apr 6, 2009
Our cd, 'honky tonk trio' has gotten a Madison Area Music Awards nomination for Album of the Year-Country/Bluegrass, and Kristy has garnered nominations for Performer of the Year-Country/Bluegrass and Vocalist of the Year-Country/Bluegrass!!!
You can vote for us and other Madison area musicians until April 28th at: with $5. and a credit card... just go to our 'links' and click!
The Awards Show is May 9 at the Barrymore. Monies raised put instruments in the hands of Madison school kids.
Also consider friends Joe Deiter, his band 'Queenie and the Blue Cats', Hannah Ripp-Dieter and she and her brother's band 'Del Preston' in other categories...

'honky tonk trio' is released! Posted: May 12, 2008
Me (Kristy) and the Kristy Larson honky tonk trio want to send A Huge THANK YOU to all who made it over to the Harmony last Sunday(May 4,'08) for the cd party! (and an aftermath report to those of you who couldn't!) We really had a great time.. were surprised by many loving and familiar faces and just so pleased to have people come out on a beautiful Sunday aft/eve and be there for us! THANK YOU! We ate 25 pizzas, two cakes (thanks Mom & book group girlfriends for cake!), and made the Harmony Bar very happy!

Thanks to everyone... Posted: May 12, 2008
....who voted in the MAMAs or who tried to vote!
There's a few who just gave up... but I will say that this past Saturday was a really fun event.
It does a heart good to feel the wealth of music in Madison in this event that tries to encompass it all. I'm sure some solid funds were raised that'll be available to the kids and teachers of Music in the Madison Public Schools... and I know that a lot of musicians were honored to be recognized and awarded.. etc.! I was among them... happy to be nominated... nope, didn't 'win', but that's more a matter of a website savvy fanbase...and mine is expanding and learning all the time!..(and Broadjam continuing to improve the voting process.) Ja! Ha!
Thank you again for your support of this little corner of live local music... you bless me. Kristy

CD Release Party this Sunday. May 4th,2008! Posted: Apr 28, 2008
The Harmony Bar & Grille, Sunday, May 4th, 2008, 4-8pm.
2201 Atwood Ave. 608-249-4333