Kristy Larson
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Kristy Larson: the trio
'No less than renowned country music historian Bill Malone calls Kristy Larson "one of the shining lights of Madison roots music". Her light burns even brighter as she joins forces with multi-instrumentalist Mark Roeder. Together, they're a midwestern Rawlins and Welch. Individually, they've enjoyed a long road of country music experience that has shown
them the way to the new trio.' Andy Moore

Kristy's worked in Madison area bands
since the early 80's. 'Kristy Larson honky
tonk trio (cd of the same name)', 'The Dang-Its' (cds: 'Don't Mean
Maybe' & 'Our Way'), 'Kristy & the Banzai
Buckaroos', 'Kristy & the Wild Blue Yonder
Boys', 'Borderline', 'Dirty Hearts', 'Vilas
Craig & the Vi-Counts'.

Mark Roeder, a founding member of Wet Behind the Ears (late 70's), toured and recorded with them on vinyl, playing fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar & harmonica.
He's played Vassar Clement's fiddle and
Doc Watson played his Gallagher through Mark's Fender Deluxe Amp. He duo-ed
here in Wisconsin with Bill Miller (Nashville)
and has performed in various projects from
country to roots rock. The steel guitar (pedal and non-pedal) is his most recent passion. Mark divides his stage time
between steel guitar, fiddle and mandolin.
Mark has also designed and sells a great Lap Steel stand. Go give it a look-see!

Steve Kasprzak trained 5 years with Richard Davis at UW Madison, earning a Bachelor of Music. He's played bass locally with a variety of groups, is currently a member of Symphony Orchestras in
Madison, WI (since '93) and Dubuque, IA., and performs solo as 'Steven James'.